Jinnah College for Women

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The College came into existence as a constituent College of the University of Peshawar on 24 July, 1964 through the vision of Chaudhry Mohammad Ali (SPk.), the then Vice- Chancellor of the University of Peshawar. The College is a living monument of his faith in the emancipation and education of women. Formerly called University College for Women, it was renamed Jinnah College for Women in 1976 to commemorate the founder of the country, Muhammad Ali Jinnah's devotion and his commitment to Islamia College, which turned out to be the cornerstone for the establishment of female education of the University of Peshawar and the birth of constituent educational institutions. Jinnah College for Women is one of the highly esteemed of springs of the University. It shares the motto of the University and has firm faith in the words “Lord, advance me in knowledge”.

The College is located on the University Campus. The Tribal Hostel for Girls and a spacious playground flank it. It shares its hind wall with another female College, the College of Home Economics.

The academic building is a two-storied edifice consisting of classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories, library, hall and an administration block. A new biology block was added in 2002 to the old building. The College has a number of lawns and a vast playground. The classrooms and lecture theatres are well kept, with heating arrangement for the winter. The laboratories are well equipped and cater the needs of conventional as well as emerging subjects. The library has four reading rooms, a good collection of up-to date reference books, textbooks, and updated books on computer and Internet. Moreover, it has a fine collection of software on various subjects. The College hall, which was named Safia Hassan Hall, in recognition of the exemplary services rendered by the first Principal of the College, has a seating capacity of 700 students and is the venue for the different functions held in the College. There is a well-equipped canteen for students. The vast playground attached to the College is used for inter-class, inter-College, university, provincial and national sports tournaments.


The College offers ideal opportunities of Intermediate and Bachelor level education to the children of the employees of the University of Peshawar and other sister institutions on the Campus, as well as the deserving and meritorious young learners across the Province. Its aim is to produce enlightened and progressive young women capable of serving Islam and Pakistan. The College strives to give its students educational opportunities that would enable them to develop a positive and healthy attitude towards life and humanity. As a part of this education, maximum opportunities are provided for participation in co-curricular activities. These activities are promoted through different student societies that hold debates, dramatic and literary competitions, and other talent promoting events. Educational trips and study tours are also arranged. The religious and moral training of the students is given due importance through fortnightly sermons, tutorials and celebration of religious festivals.

There has been a growing pressure for admission in Jinnah College. To entertain this demand, the Second Shift Programme for F.Sc. was started in 2001. The College provides all those facilities to the second shift students that are provided to the morning shift students, with the exception of hostel facility. Selection procedures are prescribed by the admission Committee and approved by the University. Selection of students is made with great care and concern, and decisions are irrevocable and are non-negotiable.


  • To inculcate in students a sense of competition, co-operation, dedication and the recognition of human and individual worth.
  • To channelise the creativity and enthusiasm of the students into productive and beneficial activity.
  • To polish and groom the talent and potentialities of JCW students and to mould their behaviour according to the values of Islam.
  • To create a feeling of sympathy and harmony for all.
  • To enable them to become respectable members of the world community.
  • To prepare the brilliant students of the college to serve the nation, not only as scientists and scholars, but also as conscientious citizens.


To provide foundation of quality education Jinnah College for Women is dedicated to fostering intellectual growth, aesthetic appreciation and character development in students. The JCW community thrives on the principles that knowledge is acquired through discipline.  Competence gets established when knowledge is practiced and character nurtures when competence is exercised for the benefit of others.


  • To offer ideal opportunities of education at the Intermediate and Bachelor level to the children of University of Peshawar and other sister institutions on the Campus as well as to the deserving and meritorious young  females across the Province.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars for professional development of the College faculty.
  • To continue feeding professional Colleges, other departments of the University and the country with able students.
  • To continue to be in tough competition with prestigious institutions of the country and to keep up the credibility and the name of the institution.
  • To offer ideal opportunities of education in the Science and Arts disciplines, enabling students to meet the challenges of professional education.


  • The College has been declared the “Best Institute” for eleven consecutive years by BISE.
  • Students get Presidential Awards, University, FBISE and BISE Peshawar Scholarships every year.
  • Students have been showing outstanding results for the past so many years at both the Intermediate and Bachelors level in Science and Arts.
  • The College Newsletter has been published.
  • The College Magazine “Mairman” has been published. It is published annually.
  • The faculty members have published research articles, course books etc.