Fundraising Office

Who we are

Universities across the world are diversifying their sources of funding in order to develop and expand against falling government support for higher education. University of Peshawar (UOP) has also recognized this fact and has established Fundraising Office to explore new funding avenues and better manage and exploit the existing sources of funds of the university.

Vision: University of Peshawar is a self-sustaining institution and is having sufficient funds for its students, faculty and different initiatives.


  1. Establishment of UOP Endowment Fund

  2. Successfully finding donors for the new initiatives of the University

  3. Engagement of Alumni and philanthropists

  4. Enhancing earning through trainings and consultancies

  5. Appropriate utilization university’s facilities/ assets for commercial purposes

  6. Standardized fundraising/ endowment related policies and systems


  1. Organizing Fundraising events

  2. Merchandising/ sale of souvenir

  3. Engaging Media

  4. Donors’ and corporate sector engagement and developing and submitting project proposals

  5. Requesting donations on SMS

  6. Developing UoP as a consulting firm

  7. Fundraising from asset management and commercialization of UOP

Structure of Fundraising Office:

The Fundraising Office will operate through the following management structure:

Ms. Gullalai- Director

Ms. Gullalai is currently working as the Director Fundraising Office at the University since the establishment of the office. Over 12 years of experience in the social sector in different Non-Governmental Organization, she has showcased amazing leadership skills, with a vision to engage the stakeholders and university’s management to deal upfront with the challenges and help make the university sustainable. 

A determined woman believing in pluralism and peace, she is involved in developing fundraising campaigns, conducting research on potential donors and meeting them for engagements and working at strategic level for empowering the university. She believes in investing in the future of our youth, to brighten the arenas of progress as a nation.

Mr. Asad Ali- Deputy Director

From early as he could remember, He knew he would devote his life to a career in the nonprofit sector and helping others. “I spent most of my life in boarding where people took care of one another and ever since public service took precedence over income aspirations for me. I guess it just became part of my DNA.”  

Today he serves as Deputy Director at the Fundraising Office, establishing the newly formed office. The organizations he has worked for include Hahn Airlines, Pakistan Red Crescent society, German Red Cross and voluntary involvement in community. With a demonstrated history of working in the Business Development, Revenue Generation and Fundraising, Skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management, Proposal Writing, and Management. A Strong community and social services professional with an MBA focused in Marketing from the University of Peshawar. 

Past one and half year designated as Deputy Director , he has written foundation grants, worked directly with individual donors, composed government proposals, and secured corporate sponsorships. He envisions to strengthen the university by engaging stakeholders, securing corporate funding, organizing events to engage philanthropists and alumni, and creating a balance between existing and new potential resources for campus to enable it to compete to international standards

Mr. Sahibzada Kashif Ahmad- Assistant Director

An aspiring fresh graduate with a passion to progress and succeed in life who is playing an important role in this progress of this office. Sahibzada Kashmir Ahmad, is serving as Assistant director fundraising office. 

Motivated to set examples for the new generations, he looks forward to inspire new supporters to raise money, while maintaining and developing relationships with existing supporters. Having keen interest in organizing traditional activities, such as sponsored outdoor events and individual collections of donated in mind and money. Cultivating the spirit to develop new and imaginative fundraising activities among the youth many of which involve organizing events, raise awareness of the charity and its work at local and national levels, e.g. giving talks to groups. He intends to ignite the spark among students and learn to engage his skills to produce competitive environment.