Fundraising Office

Being one of the oldest universities of the country UOP is not only just providing higher education to approximately 15,000 students every year on campus but it also provides a space for healthy dialogue and an enabling environment for healthy minds, in the wake of shrinking spaces and increasing extremism. However The University is facing funding gaps due to its increasing expenditures while decreasing revenues. The budget gap only for the year 2017-18 is 744 Million. Simultaneously there is an increased demand of quality higher education, which UOP has to fulfill. Therefore UOP is diversifying and increasing its sources of funding to advance, expand and/ or atleast maintain the existing standards.

Please become a valued funder/ donor by supporting your Alma Mater through your tax-deductible contributions in the following manners.

  1. Contribute to UOP Endowment Fund in cash/ chq
  2. Donate in kind
    • IT equipment (Computers, laptops, Multimedia, Video Conferencing equipment)
    • Vehicle
    • Books
    • Any other
  3. Sponsor a student’s education
  4. Sponsor a teachers’ salary
  5. Sponsor infrastructure projects
    • Clean Drinking Water (curing water contamination)
    • Solar lighting system on Roads/Street and tube wells etc
    • Improvement in hostel facilities
    • Constructing high-tech classrooms
    • Improving Bara Gali campus
    • Any other
  6. Sponsor an event/s and/ or fundraiser/s
    • Alumni get-together
    • New year evening
    • Spring festival
    • Sports Gala
    • Any other
  7. Sponsor a fund raising campaign
    • Sponsor the production of souvenir for university (printed T-shirts, key chains, cups etc)
    • Sponsor media advertisement (radio/ cable/ TV)to appeal for donation
    • Sponsor SMS donations requests
    • Any other
  8. Hire the university’s facilities on commercial basis (Halls, Guesthouses, Bara Gali Campus, Play grounds)

Please direct your donation in cash or via chq:

Account Number: 3048663275
Account Title: Reserve Funds University of Peshawar
IBAN No: PK51NBPA0388003048663275
Branch code/ name: 388/ University Campus Branch Peshawar

In case of in-kind donation or hiring of university facilities please contact Fund Raising office (hyperlink contact us)

The University values and recognizes your contributions. Please let us know if you want your donations to be acknowledged in any specific way. We will look at the possibilities.