Pakistan Study Centre

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The establishment of Pakistan Study Centre at the University of Peshawar, as at other universities of Pakistan, is fulfillment of an important need of providing authentic information and guidance to the seekers of knowledge, lay as well as researchers, on the land and people of Pakistan. It has, therefore, a dual purpose of introducing the subject as an area study discipline and a curriculum development project, Pakistan as an independent sovereign state was established in 1947, but its land and people were, indeed not a new entity. The name “Pakistan”, no doubt, was new but, the substance behind it was by no means new. They had continued to exist through centuries. The emergence of Pakistan, in fact, was the culmination point of the aspirations and efforts of the Muslims of the Subcontinent to establish their identity and evolve a society in consonance with their culture, traditions and religion. The Government of Pakistan, therefore, established such a Centre in each University of Pakistan under Act No.XXVII of 1976. The Government, through the University Grants Commission (now Higher Education Commission) and the Ministry of Education provided funds for the establishment of this Centre at the University of Peshawar. The University, therefore, went ahead with setting up a suitable building is now jointly shared by the Pakistan Study Centre and the Area Study Centre (Central Asia). The upper portion of the building houses the Pakistan Study Centre and the lower accommodates the Area Study Centre. The building is situated in beautiful surroundings on Road No.1, of the University, Gate No.4 close to Office of the Controller of Examinations & Teaching Community Centre (TCC). The Centre is functioning since February, 1979 as a unit academically attached to the University of Peshawar and financially linked to the Higher Education Commission. A Board of Governors and Academic bodies under the Act, control its administrative and academic performances. The Centre with grant from the HEC is gradually building up its teaching and research facilities and is assuming a shape befitting its status. It is publishing a six monthly Journal “Pakistan” since winter 1979 and enrolled first batch of students in its MA course in the Session 1980-81. Besides conducting post graduate classes in Pakistan Studies the Centre also plans diploma/ certificate level teaching in Pushto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Hindko, Kohistani, Gujrati and Shina languages. However, its funds both developmental and recurring are provided by the Federal Government, through the Higher Education Commission which exercises control over its finances. The day to day administration of the Centre is the direct responsibility of the Director.

Function of the Centre

  1. Engage in the study of languages literature, social, structure, customs, attitudes and motivation of the people of various regions of Pakistan.
  2. Establish undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate degree and other programmes, in the relevant discipline in accordance with the standard and requirements of the University in which the Centre is established.
  3. Promote cooperation in interdisciplinary relationship with other centres, teaching and research establishments.
  4. Arrange conferences, seminars and refresher courses for the development of teaching and research.
  5. And promote teaching and research in particular subjects as assigned to it by the Federal Government in consultation with the University in which the centre is established.