University Model School

Contact No: 0092-91-9216919

University Model School is a leading institution for girls throughout the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It enjoys a place of pride in all the schools of the country.

It was raised to this status from a JUNIOR MODEL SCHOOL on November 1st 1955 to meet the long felt need of an institution, imparting training and instruction on modern lines to school’s children on the campus of the University of Peshawar.

All the credit goes to Mrs. Iffat Almas who not only founded the school but also elevated its level in 1963 to the prestigious girls high school from scratch and got it recognized by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Peshawar in January 1967.

The school has won laurels under the able and dynamic leadership of its successive Principals after Mrs. Iffat Almas. It is all due to their sincere efforts, missionary zeal, full devotion and sustainable endeavor in the field of academics and administration that other sister institution feel honored to emulate it.

The students of University Model School by the grace of Almighty Allah have always maintained its glorious tradition of showing excellent results in the S.S.C examination in The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Peshawar. The aim of this school is to harmoniously develop the physical, moral, psychological, intellectual, emotional, capacities of the child, as well as the social aspect of her personality.


  1. Academic achievement through learning to read and write, use number concepts and to spell.
  2. Cultural growth through learning to speak and write clearly, correctly and expressively. To appreciate Art and express themselves through Art media.
  3. Social adjustment through learning to get along with others, practice desirable character values and solve problems.
  4. The objectives of the reading program include extending and enriching the experience of the child, broadening and improving interests and taste in reading, fostering the personal social adjustment of the child, providing worthwhile recreational interests and skills, encouraging critical analysis of ideas, developing resourcefulness in finding information. Promoting self reliance and achieving satisfactory progress in such basic reading skills as word recognition, vocabulary development, comprehension and speed.
  5. Hand Writing is not an end in itself, but a tool for communication and self-expression. It meets the needs that pupils have for recording ideas, writing messages, signing their names, letters and labelling objects.
  6. Without losing the sight and the values of acquiring useful information, the social studies programme helps each child to grow continuously in the abilities and need of effective participation, in the life of a democratic society. The social studies are concerned with human relationship, with the development of social literacy and with the improvement of the behaviour of a person.