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Religion has always played a crucial role in the history of mankind. Religions - whether based on revelations or otherwise – have played such a forceful and decisive role that not even a split-second of human civilization has been devoid of it. It has always been the religious grounds and the religious co-factors that have arisen in one tangible form or the other for unification, disruption or breakage or ignominious defeat of the nations. It is the religious basis that has immensely contributed to the human evolution and progress. Samuel P. Hunnington has floated ideology in his book “The Clash of Civilization”. This ideology states that the conflicts between people in the coming centuries shall be upon cultural and theological grounds rather than upon regional and geographical issues. He states further that in future widespread settlements shall take place between the followers of Islam and Confucius.

The spark and initiation of Interfaith dialogue worldwide is comparatively a recent phenomenon. Huge funds  are being allocated and research cells-cum-study centres are being established to promote an Inter-faith dialogue in the Western universities. Today our world has been transformed into a global village in letter and spirit. Inadvertently a cross cultural and religious communities are being formed. It is thus very much essential for ensuring mutual peace and harmony that solutions to common problems be seek through interfaith dialogue. It is with this scope and vision that M.Phil. Ph.D (Religion and Theology) syllabus has been designed and formulated. This syllabus is thoroughly in line with the statues of Peshawar University. The said programme shall consist of 2 semesters (covering 30 credit hours) in which 24 credit hours will be allocated for major courses. The remaining credit hours will be completed from related courses. For Ph.D the requirement is to do additional 18 credit hours course work along with the above mentioned M.Phil course work.