Area Study Centre

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A Department or an institution to impart knowledge on the Land and People of Central Asia was one of the aims of the University of Peshawar but lack of funds marred its realization for some time. The Education Policy of 1972 made provision for the "Area Study Centre" and the University of Peshawar gave its choice for Central Asia. An Area Study thereafter was established in each University of Pakistan under ACT XLV 1975 of Parliament. The Government of Pakistan, through the University Grants Commission (HEC) and the Ministry of Education, released funds for the establishment of the Centre at the University of Peshawar. A Sum of Rs. 28, 15,000/- was remitted to the University of Peshawar out of which it established a double storied building on the Campus of the University, housing both the Area Study Centre and Pakistan Study Centre. The Building is situated on road No. 1 of the University at the back of Law College.
     The Centre has been functioning since April 1978 as a unit academically attached to the University of Peshawar and financially linked to the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan. A Board or Governors and Academics Committee, both statutory bodies under the Act, control its administrative and academic performances. 

     The Centre enrolls 10 to 15 students twice a year in its M.Phil. and The Centre has produced 82 Ph.D. and 28 M.Phil. scholars till March 2018.  

      The Centre has been publishing a six-monthly research Journal "Central Asia" uninterrupted since 1979. Central Asia is an internationally indexed journal recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad, Pakistan and has been kept in category “Y” having International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1729-9802. Seventy Eight (78) volumes of the journal has been published till March 2018.Opinions and views expressed in articles published in this journal are exclusively those of the author and should not be attributed to the center.  Articles published in Central Asia are Peer Reviewed and Plagiarism checked.