National Conference on Pakistan Resolution and photos exhibition at Pakistan Study Centre

Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar, in collaboration with Pakistan Thinkers Forum  held National Conference on Pakistan Resolution.



Central President of Pakistan Thinkers Forum  Malik Liaquat Ali Tabassum and Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar read out papers on various aspects of Pakistan movement.


The theme of Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam’s paper was “The Role of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Freedom Movement”. He highlighted the role of Pakhtuns played  in various campaign launched in India before partition. These campaigns included Anti-Rawlatt Movement 1919, Khilafat Movement 1919 and Civil Disobedience Movement 1947. He said that not only 800 delegates from of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attended that 23 March 1940 public meeting at Lahore but security duty was also performed by Pakhtun contingent. He said that Sardar Aurangzeb Khan delivered a speech in support of Lahore Resolution.


The theme of Malik Liaquat Ali Tabassum’s paper was “Prospects of Pakistan’s Development”. While giving background of the creation of Pakistan, he said that that Pakistan is a replica of the first Islamic state at Madina. He said that the secret of Pakistan’s strength lies in its ideology. He hoped that Pakistan will soon come out of the current critical situation and will play its due role in the community of nations.


At the end of the conference, a photo exhibition of leaders and events of Pakistan movement was also arranged. Both the conference and exhibition were attended by a large number of people, academicians, students and media persons.