The Bara Gali Campus


1) Rent Notification [ Download]

Rent of Housing at Bara Gali Summer Camp

2) Requisition Notification-Conference Summer Season 2022 [ Download]

Requisition Notification 

3) Requisition Form-Students Study Tour UOP Deptts: [ Download]

This form is for the study tours arranged by the Department / Institutes / Centers / Colleges/ Schools / of the University of Peshawar. Outside organizations may submit their requisition on the same or using their Institute letter head duly recommended by the concerned HOD.

4) Requisition Form-Conferences, Seminars [ Download]

Requisition Form for Conferences / Seminars / Workshops etc

5) Reserved Accommodation for Conferences, Seminars, etc [ Download]

Reserved Accommodation for Conferences, Workshops etc

6) Refund Form [ Download]

Advance / Security Deposit Refund Form

7) Notification-Family Accommodation [ Download]

Notification Family Accommodation for Summer Season 2022

8) Terms & Conditions [ Download]

Terms & Conditions regarding Family Accommodation

9) Reservation Form-Family Accommodation [ Download]

Reservation Form for Family Accommodation

10) Tagged Houses for Family Accommodation [ Download]

Tagged Houses for Family Accommodation

11) Bank Deposit Slip [ Download]

Bank Deposit Slip-NBP University Campus