Centre of Biotechnology and Microbiology

Contact No: +92919216485
Email: biotech@uop.edu.pk


To explore new horizon in Biotechnology and Microbiology through education and research, and realizing the potential of Biotechnology and Microbiology for the creation of goods and services of value to society.


The Centre has been serving as a teaching, training and research pivot in Biotechnology and Microbiology for the province. The institute is aware of the importance and applicability of Biotechnology and Microbiology and therefore will continue to play its catalytic role by motivating its students in their scholarly pursuits. We will prepare trained biotechnologists and microbiologists able to approach problems with creativity and flexibility. A key element in this preparation is active participation in the process of scientific discovery. The institute will make scholarly scientific and technological advances that will address the changing needs of society.


  • To prepare students to function as scientists and educators in a broad array of biological disciplines.
  • To create a permanent platform for generating trained manpower by imparting education and conducting research on the local problems.
  • To collaborate with biotechnology firms, secondary schools, universities and public agencies and associations, and lay the groundwork to prepare the workforce for new biotech jobs.
  • To serve as a launching pad for devising, using, and managing biotechnology tools for generation of products, processes and technologies.
  • To augment the productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness of food and agriculture, health and medicine, environment friendly technologies, bioconservation and bioindustrial development.