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BS in Home Economics

About the Course:

Salient Features of BS Home Economics Curriculum:

1. The curriculum has been designed for the semester system of examination.
2. Candidates who have passed the F.A/F.Sc. (Home Economics), F.Sc. (Pre-Medical), F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) or equivalent exam would be eligible to get admission in the four year BS program.
3. This curriculum is designed to fulfill the requirements for four year BS Home Economics designed at National Curriculum Revision Committee, of HEC in Lahore.
4. This curriculum gives the option for specialization in any of the five areas of pre-designed courses of Home Economics.
5. The first two years include all the Compulsory, Foundation and General courses. The Majors and Electives, and General courses are placed in the last two years of BS Program. In order to provide more focused training in relevant professions. Students can choose any one field from the five areas and would study all the major and selected Elective and Major courses from the relevant area. In addition to being trained as teachers and researchers, all the students are also trained to work in other relevant professions (examples given below)

Areas of Specialization Area Specific Relevant Professions

a. Art and Design:  Consumer products Designers, Colour Consultants, Art and Design Educators

b. Human Development and Family Studies:  Early Childhood Educators, Family Counselors, Consultants for Special Education, Researchers, Gerontologist, Maternal and Child Health Care workers ,Human Service Workers and NGO’s. etc.

c. Human Nutrition Sciences: Dietitians, Public Health Nutritionists, Food Quality Control Managers, Nutrition Counselors, Research Workers, Maternal and Child Health Care workers.

d. Resource and Facility Management: Housekeeping Managers for Hotels, Hospitals, Lodges: Events and Project Managers, Program Managers for Rural Support and Education Extension Programs, NGO’s and Banks, etc.

e. Textiles and Clothing:  Quality Control Consultants for Textiles and Clothing, Consumer Products Designers, Designers and Merchandisers for Apparel and Textile Industry.

Duration of Programme: Eight Semesters
Syllabus/Course Outline: [Download]