Department of Pashto

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The department of Pashto was established in 1961 in the building of the Pashto Academy. Eminent scholar, Journalist, Diplomat and writer Maulana Abdul Qadir (late) was its first Chairman. The department produced its first batch of M.A Pashto  in 1963 producing out standing scholars who contributed a lot towards Pashto language and literature.

The department extended admission facilities to M.Phil in 1976 and fourteen M.Phil scholars have been produced uptil now and three of them are employed in the department. Ph.D. Research facilities were also made available in July 1978 provisionally and Dr. Iqbal Naseem Khattak got the honour of the first ever Ph.D. Scholar in Pashto language and literature. After that Dr. Akhtar Khan, Dr. Rajwali Shah Khattak, Dr. Muhammad Azam Azam, Dr. Perviaz Khan, Dr. Shah Jehan, Dr. Naseer Ahmad, Dr. Mrs. Yasmeen P.A. Khan, Dr. M. Islam Gouhar Dr. Humayun Khan Huma & Miss Salma Shaheen respectively got their Ph.D. degrees from this department. M.Phil & Ph.D. program is still in progress and we hope we shall be able to produce more M.Phil & Ph.D. Scholars in the coming years.


To act as a leading and trend setter Department of Pashto in the province and find its due place among country wide.


The department since its inception is promoting the Pashto language literature, History, Arts, Culture and other relevant fields.