Department of Persian

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Department of Persian has a broad vision for the future to enhance and promote Co-ordination with other languages and departments and will enhance the efforts to alive the candle of a language, which is spoken throughout Central Asia. Because in this department there are foreign qualified teachers with advanced foreign degrees.


Persian Language is one of the oldest and the most influential languages on Urdu and other languages of sub-content. Department of Persian is the only hope and satisfaction to keep the language alive in this province to fill up the gap of the fast vanishing scholars of Persian by producing M.A. M.Phil. and Ph.D. Apart from the importance of Persian language; we focus on strengthening cultural linguistic and spiritual links with other Islamic countries. Persian is burning need for our own society to promote our cultural and spiritual values as well as historiography of Pakistan.


  •  Our objectives are to promote language and impart deeper knowledge and understanding of Persian language and literature, as the enormous size of original scriptural material of the golden age of the entire Muslim history of the subcontinent almost all in Persian.
  •  The period of Muslim ascendancy on South Asia is often referred to as the golden age of the history of Muslim in subcontinent. The original material of the history of Muslim ascendancy in India is almost all in Persian.
  •  It is saddening to observe that scholar of history who also possess a good knowledge of classical Persian are fast disappearing. There is hardly any university teacher from Peshawar to Karachi who can directly read the original Persian source material and due to lack of proficiency in Persian they read books written by western writers and Indian historians and learn their own history from books written by alive hands. So our objective is to light the candle of this language and promote it throughout the country.