Department of Persian

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The Department of Persian was established in 1956. It has rendered valuable services in promoting Persian Language and Literature. Apart from the importance of Persian language in strengthening cultural, linguistic and spiritual links with Iran, Afghanistan and other Central Asian Republics, the department has been instrumental in preserving the cultural spiritual values of our country. Besides, M.A. the department offers M.Phil and Ph.D. degree programmes, since 2003. The Department’s Seminar Library is one of the richest ones in the University, containing the collection of more than six thousand (6000) books.


Quality education can not be achieved without having a comprehensive knowledge and skill of a language.


To fill up the gap of fast vanishing scholars of Persian by producing M.A, M.Phil and Ph.Ds. in the field of Persian Language and Literature.


  • To impart deeper knowledge and understanding of Persian Language and Literature.
  • To protect and keep alive our cultural, ethical and spiritual values as well as historiography of our country.
  • To make it possible understanding the original scriptural material of the golden age of the Muslim history of the sub-continent.


The department has so far, produced one M.Phil and four Ph.D Scholars. The department has been playing a pivotal role in strengthening religious, cultural, linguistic and literary links with Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other Central Asian Republics. The department is also in closer contact with Pak-Iran Institute of Persian Research, Islamabad. Majority of the students leaving this department join different U.N. agencies and other non governmental organizations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This discipline also keep helping by translating / interpreting and deciphering those vague and enigmatic olds scripts written in classical Persian sent by other departments, court authorities and common people.