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The Proposal of creation of the Department of Regional Studies was floated by the Governor Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa in 2009. The establishment of the Department was approved by the Senate of the University of Peshawar in its meeting held in 2010. The meeting was chaired by the Chancellor of the University (Governor Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa). Earlier, the Syndicate of the University had also proposed the creation of this Department in 2009.

The proposal was based on the idea that the regions adjoining Pakistan (South Asia, South-west Asia and Central Asia) are passing through an extensive transformation after the end of the Cold War and beginning of the New Great Game which is directly and indirectly affecting Pakistan. Pakistan as an important country of the region cannot remain aloof from political, strategic, economic and social changes taking place around its frontiers. Thus, there should be an institution to regularly study and alalyse the changing and emerging environment and suggest viable discourses. These environments are creating both challenges and opportunities that should be studied carefully so that alongwith cashing the opportunities, challenges could also be turned into openings. This job could only be possible if proper advice of the experts of the regional affairs is available. Thus, the prime objective behind the establishment of the Department of Regional Studies was to train such experts by offering different degree, diploma and certificate programmes. The Department currently offers M.A, M.S/M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes

The primary focus of the studies at the Department is on Politics, Governance, Security, Economy, Geography, Society and Culture etc. of the immediate neighboring countries as well as of Pakistan. The secondary focus includes study of South Asia, South-west Asia and Central Asia with a special reference to study issues and challenges commonly faced by them and explore ways and means for the promotion of an effective and meaningful regional cooperation.


Training of high caliber professionals believing in pragmatism, rational thinking, respect for difference of opinion and motivated by a spirit to work for regional peace, development and prosperity through promoting a comprehensive cooperation in the region.


To strive for promotion of professional excellence in Pakistan and the region through disseminating the knowledge, skills and information required for building a comprehensive understanding of the regional affairs. Also, adding to the capacity of the Department for playing its role in enhancing a meaningful cooperation in the region.


To offer quality education in professional environment for the training confident, informed and capable leadership to represent  Pakistan and the University of Peshawar at national and international level.


Regional Studies Degree Programmes help to produce graduates for pursuing their career in Academic and Research Institutions, journalism (print and electronic media), Civil Services (CSS, PMS), Consultancies, Think Tanks, Regional and International Research and Development Organizations.


Knowledge for Peace and Cooperation


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