Department of Seerat Studies

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Seerat chairs were created in all general universities of the country on the directive of the Federal Government during 1975-76. The Senate of the University in its meeting held on 20th March 1992 decided to establish a full-fledged Department of Seerat Studies as an academic unit of the Faculty of Islamic and Oriental Studies. The department properly ecame functional in June 1995. The department offers M.Phil, M.Phil leading to PhD and PhD programme duly approved by the statutory bodies of the University from 2005-06 session.


Uniting Muslims throughout the country on the plat form of Shari’ah.


  • Good use of the existing man-power (faculty).
  • Good use of the existing facilities.
  • Development of the library and it use.
  • Pursuing students to be more serious about their studies via consultation, tutorials and Seminars.


  • Quality Education and Training (Major Focus on Proper Recitation and Understanding of the Books of the Almighty and Sayings of the Prophet).
  • Implementation of True Islamic Teachings for betterment of the Individuals and the Society.
  • Outreach Activities via Arrangement of Short Cources for “Ulama & Teachers of Islamic Studies.