Department of Tourism and Hotel Management

Contact No: 091-9216701


To offer Bachelor and Master Degrees Programs as well as Diploma and Certificate Courses in Tourism and Hotel Management.


To produce skilled manpower for excellent performance in the market with respect to local and global standards for the promotion of Tourism and Hotel Management.


Pakistan has a rich cultural, environmental and biodiversity heritage that attracts a large number of amateur and skilled tourists from within the country and abroad for leisure as well as purpose-oriented visits. These unique bounties need to be protected, developed, projected and cashed for monetary, diplomatic and academic benefits. These advantages can be better achieved by involving stakeholders, related organizations and the government.

To attract more visitors, it is imperative to study tourism and hospitality management to know the art of how to attract and look-after target visitors according to their taste and thrill. This goal can only be achieved through skilled human resource in this regard. Therefore, the University of Peshawar approved the establishment of a new ‘Department of Tourism and Hotel Management’ for the education and training of future hotel management personnel. Apart from theoretical knowledge, the Department will train students in liaison with stakeholders in the market as well as in the related government departments for all practical ends.

Infact, tourism has become an industry and needs to be equipped with all sorts of expertise in marketing, managing and artistic presentation. A dynamic industry will not only bring foreign exchange to the newly established Department offers BS Program. Curriculum for eight semesters (four years) has been prepared through a newly constituted ‘Board of Studies in Tourism and Hotel Management’. PhD, MPhil, Diploma and Certificate courses shall be developed in due course of time.