NCE Physical Chemistry

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The National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry was establlished in July 1978 under an Act of parliament as an autonomous body to be administered by Federal Ministry of Educaion through University Grants Commission (now Higher Educaation Commission)

The management of the centre is supervised by a Board of Govermors comprising of eminent Scientists and representatives of Chairman.

The Centre is entrusted with the main task of establishing research facilities in Physical Chemistry leading to M.Phil and Ph.D degrees. A significant number of M.Phil and Ph.D's have qualified from this institution.

The total number of Ph.D produced until year 2010 are 67 while 154 M.Phil scholars  have passed out.  597 research papers have been published in journals of both national and international repute since inception.

At the moment 47 Ph.D and 79 M.Phil students are enrolled. Other regular activities of the Centre include in-Service training programmes, symposia, seminars refresher courses for college teachers and so on. Collaboration in research and academic activities with a number of organizations has been developed, e.g. Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), Institute of  Chemistry (University of Peshawar), PINSTECH, Islamabad, Agriculture University (Peshawar), Engineering University ( Peshawar), Islamia College University ( Peshawar ), PCSIR Laboratories ( Peshawar) etc.


The Centre was established in 1978 under the Act of Parliament raising the status of the National Institute of Physical Chemistry University of Peshawar  to that of National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry under  the administrative control of a Board of Governors for the purpose of :

  1. Goal oriented high level teaching and Research.
  2. Training researchers for high level research
  3. Establishing academic and reserch programs for M.Phil. & Ph.D degrees
  4. Promotion and cooperation in intra-disciplinary research with other teaching and research establishments.
  5. Arrangement of scientific conferences, seminars and refreshers courses for the development of teaching and research.
  6. To conduct teaching and research in such particular discipline as is assigned to it by the Federal Government.

Mission Statement:

To improve the standard of teaching and research at the Centre to international level so that researchers graduating out of the Centre are capable of handling of future academic and research needs of the country.


  1. To enhance the  quantity of research output.
  2. To strengthen the existing academic and research facilities in the selected areas of research.
  3. To initiate new programmes in the areas pertinent to the economic development of the country like:

i)       Nanotechnology            

ii)      Superconductor technology

iii)     Photocatalysis              

iv)     Material science

v)      Composits                    

vi)     Solid state batteries

vii)    Advance OxidationTechnologies

Outcomes and Achievements:

The Centre, in spite of financial and other constrains, has so far achieved its goal to a reasonable extent in the field of teaching and research , as it has produced 58    Ph.Ds and 131 M.Phils (up to 2009):                  

These scholars have been awarded degrees in the following fields of specialization:-

  • Solution and gas phases kinetics. 
  • Electrochemistry.
  • Macromolecular Chemistry.                
  • Surface Chemistry.
  • Radiation and Photochemistry.           
  • Tribology
  • Coal and Biomass as alternate fuel..     
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis                      
  • Fine Particles Science
  • Advance Oxidation Processes for water treatment

The Centre has organized  79 seminars, 19  workshops and helped various  other organizations to conduct their workshops, seminars and conferences in the Centre. In addition more than sixty seminars have been arranged locally by the Centres faculty, students and guests from all over the world.

  • To build national / international  linkages with the universities of repute particularly of OIC & SAARC countries.
  • To transfer the Centre into world class institution of higher education and research in the field of physical chemistry in the next ten years.