2nd National Conference on FATA: Economic Currents and Opportunities for Economic Development in FATA

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  • 9:00 am
  • University of Peshawar

The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is a region of vast economic opportunities but this potential has been severely compromised by lawlessness, growth of terrorism and large-scale military operation, backwardness, lack of education and poverty. While FATA has 2.4% of Pakistan's population, it contributes an estimated 1.5% to the country’s economy. Its’ per head income is $663, which is slightly higher than average in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). This can be explained by the significant amount of remittances received from workers from the area employed outside the region. Overall, infrastructure destruction during military operations and terrorist subversive activities is estimated at Rs. 12.68 billion while the economic cost of terrorism is put at around Rs. 9.5 billion. The social cost is estimated at Rs. 88.8 billion while additional cost of security and rehabilitation of displaced persons require another Rs. 45 billion. The cost to the environment has been assessed at Rs. 15 billion. The post-military operation FATA is in dire need for economic development, financial and fiscal stability, but this will require substantial economic reforms to unlock opportunities for growth. As stated in international relations, economic prosperity brings political stability; hence it’s our conviction that by highlighting economic opportunities, the population of FATA will be empowered and investors will be attracted towards the region which in turn will contribute to an economically and politically stronger and stable FATA.  

CFS successfully implemented the “First National Conference on Socioeconomic & Political Currents in FATA” in 2015. This project provided an opportunity to university students to compare and contrast the dynamics of FATA governance as well as legal reforms. They gained awareness and ability for critical analysis from this event and the distributed research is anticipated to contribute to increased and informed engagement of young people in the politics and the reform process of FATA, enriching state policies and allowing positive and more inclusive development in the area.

Thus to discuss economic challenges and identify opportunities and showing a FATA that is conducive for business and both national and international investment, CFS now proposes to organize a two day “Second National Conference on Economic Currents and Opportunities for Economic Development in FATA”. The proposed conference will take a scientific focus on economic opportunities in FATA, taking a look at the current situation and challenges that prevent economic development and investment, opportunities and reforms needed to create an enabling environment for economic development.

Being part of a unique university with a mandate of inculcating regional consciousness among the citizens of the region (India, Afghanistan and Pakistan), the Cell for FATA Studies considers it an obligation to contribute to the understanding of the challenges and opportunities for inclusive development in the FATA, especially in its economic and social dimensions. Through these series of events, in the light of scientific research, collective wisdom and showcasing business opportunities, we hope to envision the FATA’s collective future.

Subject experts- economists, officials from FATA Secretariat, Police officials, Journalists, educationalists and governance experts from across Pakistan will be invited to give presentations and read their respective papers. Moreover, it is anticipated that high profile government of Pakistan representative will open the conference.

Main aim of the conference is to encourage critical thinking, further research and contribution to reforms that can unlock potential and creating a business enabling environment in FATA. 

We welcome and encourage papers and presentations that address the rich tapestry of Economic Opportunities in FATA.


The two-day conference will take place on 17-18 January, 2017 at the University of Peshawar. Last date of submitting proposals is 10th December 2016. Full text of the paper may be submitted by 15th of January 2017.

Send your research proposal along with your CV at cfs@upesh.edu.pk addressed to Prof. Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi.