Three days International Conference on "Global Environmental Change and the Role of Geographers"

  • -
  • 9:00 AM
  • Baragali Summer Campus, University of Peshawar


Global Environmental Change is caused by Human-environment interaction. It includes large scale chemical, biological, geological, and physical disturbances in the Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere. Since the beginning of human civilization, mankind has lived in a competitive relationship with nature. His persistent hunt of progress, comfort and security has resulted in increased stress on environment, particularly since the industrial revolution. Consequently, life sustaining elements of the environment have been forced to transform more rapidly than ever before. The coupling effects of these activities can be seen at local, regional and global levels. The overall impact of these changes has been observed as climate change, global warming, depletion of ozone, environmental pollution, rise in sea level, severe land degradation, changes in agricultural output and loss of biodiversity. This ultimately led to an ecological crisis adversely affecting the entire life and life sustaining systems existing on the planet.

Geography is concerned with human–environment interactions in the context of specific places and locations. Geographer with the interdisciplinary approach and methodology can contribute to manage people environment-inter-relationships. Geographers are engaged in all aspects of environmental change research and are playing an important role in unwinding the social and economic drivers behind climate change and other environmental challenges and in future policy formulation and decision making, therefore, geographers are well-suited for evaluating the costs and benefits of environmental change mitigation strategies.

The Department of Geography, UOP and UOG are have jointly organized the International Conference titled “Global Environmental Change and the Role of Geographers” from 25-27 July, 2017 at Baragali Summer Campus, University of Peshawar.


The Conference will include, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • ·   Ecosystem
  • ·   Land Use
  • ·   Agriculture
  • ·   Land Degradation
  • ·   Natural Resource Depletion
  • ·   Demography
  • ·   Climate Change
  • ·   Ocean Dynamics
  • ·   Land-Atmosphere Interaction
  • ·   Global Warming
  • ·   Loss of Biodiversity
  • ·   Disasters
  • ·   Deforestation
  • ·   Desertification
  • ·   Rivers and Glaciers
  • ·   Trans-boundary Waters
  • ·   Public Health Issues
  • ·   Water Resource Base
  • ·   Water Supply and Sanitation
  • ·   Water, Agriculture and Irrigation
  • ·   Water Conservation
  • ·   Energy Crises
  • ·   Urban Resilience
  • ·   Urban Sprawl
  • ·   Waste Disposal



Dr. Ihsanullah
Assistant Professor
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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mushahid Anwar
Chairman Geography, UOG
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Dr. Fazlur Rahman
Associate Professor & Chairman Geography, UOP
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