Workshop on Youth United for Social Change

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  • 9:00 am
  • Baragali Summer Campus, UoP
Workshop on Youth United for Social Change

The Department of Social Work in collaboration with Community World Services-Asia, is going to organize 5 days residential workshop at Baragali Summer Campus:

Objectives of the Workshop:

In the workshop, participants will be trained on minority rights, discrimination and civic -- responsibilities, and practical skills including leadership, communication, event management, including effective mobilization of audiences, and critical analysis. The thematic focus of the workshop will cover minority rights in relation to social forms of discrimination, civic rights and responsibilities, human rights, democracy, peace and pluralism, as well as legislative and governance issues in the context of state-driven discrimination. The topic of governance will focus on issues of political participation and electoral engagement of religious minorities in the country.  Provisions for religious minorities under Pakistan’s constitution, as well as international human rights law, and other conventions and treaties to which Pakistan is a signatory, will also be addressed.