Workshop on Sustainable urbanization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa- Opportunities and Challenges Organised by UNDP and DURP

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  • 9am to 1pm
  • SSAQ hall, Mueseum of Archeology and Ethnology, University of Peshawar

As part of the CoP on Sustainable Urbanization in KP, on April 17, 2017 a mini-CoP meeting was held at UPU Peshawar with representatives from UNDP, including Taimur Khilji from UNDP Bangkok, ED and other employees from UPU and some CoP members in attendance. Among several other existing and new ideas, the group agreed on organizing a workshop on the opportunities and challenges of urbanization in KP in collaboration with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Peshawar (DURP, UoP). This open discussion will take place at the Sir Shahibzada Abdul Qyaum (SSAQ) auditorium UoP and in the presence of youth and students from several leading universities of Peshawar. Students and youth will have the opportunity to ask the expert CoP members questions and will also be able to propose solutions to issues due to urbanization. As a side output of the CoP, this activity is expected to raise awareness among the youth about urbanization. It was proposed that Dr. Syed Akhtar Ali Shah, CoP member and Chairman Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UoP would lead the activity.


The proposed activity will be organized based on the following details:

  • Dr. Syed Akhtar Ali Shah will lead the organization of the activity with support from UNDP and UPU.
  • Proposed audience (by invitation only): Youth in general and students from the UoP, UET, KMU, AU etc. This list will be expanded after consultation with Dr. Shah.
  • UNDP CD/ACD DPU will be invited to attend the event.
  • CoP members with expertise in environment, WATSAN, transportation, urban policy, and housing will be invited to participate in the discussion.
  • Electronic and print media may be invited to capture the proceedings of the event.


Proposed Agenda

Registration of the participants: 8.30-9.00 am


Inauguration session

Recitation from the Holy Quran (9.00-9.05 am)

Welcome address from the Chairman, DURP  (9.05-9.15 am)

Keynote address from the representative of UNDP regarding the theme
Of the workshop   (9.15-9.25 am)

Keynote address from representative of UPPU regarding their work and
achievements on Urbanization of KPK (9. 25- 9.35 am)

Inaugural Address from the Chief Guest   (9.35-9.45 am)

Tea break       (9.45-10.15 am)

2. Discussion Session     (10.15-1230)

Urban Economy, by Engr. Zubair Asghar Qureshi, Secretary Finance FATA. (10.15-10.25am)

Urban Housing, Dr Amir Khan, Meritorious Prof (Rtd),

Socio Economic Policy Head, CEPEC, Islamabad                           (10.26 -10.35 am)

Urban Transportation by Engr. /Plnr S. Akhtar Ali Shah, PhD,
Department of Urban and Regional Planning                         (10.36-10-45 am)

Urban Municipal services, by Engr. Rashid Rehan, PhD, Director
National Institute of Urban infrastructural Planning         (10.46-10.55 am)

Formulation of 4 Groups as per themes                     (10.56-11 am)

Group discussion on all these 4 theme areas              (11-12.25pm)

3. Concluding session (12.26-1.00pm)

Compilation of the findings                    (12.26-12.55pm)

Vote of thanks from the Chair                  (12.56-1.00pm)