GIS Day at the University

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  • 10:00 am
  • Department of Geography, UoP


Are you excited about GIS Day?

GIS day is a worldwide event that celebrates the technology of Geographic Information Systems. (GIS), every year. It is celebrated on 5th Wednesday of November. This year it is scheduled for November 29, 2017

Taking the initiative the Department Of Geography, University of Peshawar is intended to celebrate GIS day on 29th November 2017. The highlights of the event is a number of competitions including:

  • Model Making
  • Map/ Poster Competition


Population, Climate, Land use, Land Cover, Vegetation, Geology, Physiography, Forest, Agriculture, Of Pakistan or any part of Pakistan. CPEC Socio economic impact, Regional connectivity/ Alternate Routes or any other aspect of CPEC.


  •  Map should be size of  2*3.
  • Map should be printed on panaflex and mounted on frame.
  • Any student of Geography, Geomatics, Urban Regional Planning, Environmental Science, Geology, and Disaster Management can participate.

Quiz Competition

  • There will be three members in each group
  • Any student of Geography, Geomatics, Environmental Science, Geology, and Disaster Management can participate

Themes : Basics Of Geography, GIS and Remote Sensing,

All the students are directed to sign up and send their names on the provided proforma by Monday 20th november, to the general secretary of The Geomatician Society, Department Of Geography,

Last date for submission of Model, Map and Poster is 26th Novmber 2017. The winners will be awarded with prizes and certificates.

Contributed work will be judged by a panel of experts based on technical and aesthetic aspects.

We encourage and appreciate your participation.