Career Fair 2019

  • 9:00 am
  • Sheikh Muhammad Taimur Academic Block-II

CDC is planning first ever UoP Career Fair on 06 Mar, 2019.The Career fair will provide following to the stakeholders:

  • Introduce students to careers related to their coursework and to help them identify the key skills needed in order to become a successful professional.
  • Opportunities to develop skills in communication, self?presentation, and networking, which will prepare them for job interviews and other professional interactions.
  • Develop relationships with area employers, which could lead to student internships, class visits, service?learning projects, and other work?based learning partnerships.
  • Bring campus?wide visibility to your Faculty.
  • Foster connections with alumni and engage them in departmental activities.
  • Raise employers' awareness of the diverse and valuable skills that students gain from your faculty.  

Students and faculty is encouraged to visit the Career Fair and extract maximum benefits. Companies are requested to register on the following link:

[Click here to download CV Template]