National Conference on Education (IER 2016), Education for Tomorrow: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

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  • 10:00 am
  • Bara Gali Summer Campus, University of Peshawar

The Institute of Education and Research (IER) is one of the constituent Institute of the University of Peshawar. It came into existence in 1950 as Education Department, upgraded in 1964 as college of Education. In 1980 it was raised to the level of the Institute & research (IER). 

Vision & Mission

  • To upgrade the standard of education in Pakistan.
  • To prepare quality teachers in light of the demands of the 21st century.


  • Advance the cause of education, laying emphasis on teacher education, research in education, and improving the quality of education by contributing to policy and practice.
  • Develop, incorporate, and use modern teaching skills and techniques.
  • Develop strategies to replace the conventional system of education based
    • on rote learning and cramming with one centered on creativity and originality of ideas and thoughts.

    • Produce skilled and well-equipped teachers.

Topic Areas (All Areas of Education are invited)

  • Reading Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Value Education
  • Leadership in Education
  • ICT Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Higher Education
  • Human Resource Development
  • Counselor Education
  • Curriculum, Research and Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Foundations
  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Technology
  • Education Policy and Management
  • Elementary Education
  • Peace Education
  • Gender in Education
  • Language Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Science Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Distance Education
  • Special Education
  • Economics Education
  • Cross-disciplinary areas of Education
  • Guidance & Counselling
  • Other Areas of Education 

Guidelines for Authors / Presenters 


Should be limited to 300 words with appropriate keywords


The submission should be original and should have not been submitted, presented or published before. Review committee will review the abstracts, proposals and full papers for its relevance to the conference, originality, quality of ideas and writing.

 Language and style

All submissions should be in English. Please follow APA Style Manual 6th edition.

Oral presentation

Select the appropriate option of oral presentation.

Full length paper

Full paper should not exceed than 5,000 words

Presentation format and Instructions

Each full paper will be presented orally for 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for Q&A. If your paper be selected for inclusion and presentation, the delivering speaker must be sufficiently proficient in verbal English language, to answer questions from the audience. Be clear and concise. Can describe the concept that will be the key topic of your paper highlighting what is unique?  Showing how it will improve existing systems or practices and explaining its background.

Conference Details 

Important dates and Registration

Early Bird Registration  30 December 2015
Local (Member IER) 2000
Local (Non-member) 2500
Onsite Registration Local(Member IER) 2000
Local (Non-Member) 2500

Abstract submission date: 15th February 2016

Detail of registration fees is as under:-

 Regular Registration ( Ist  February. 2016)

Local (Member IER)

Rs. 2500/-

Local (Non-member)

Rs. 3500/-

 Note: The registration of Principal authors of the accepted papers (Local & national) is free so they need not get themselves registered.


Deadline for full paper submissions is 30th April 2016

Participants intend to publish their paper in the conference proceedings should resubmit their paper by 30th April. Proceedings submissions may be made via e-mail attachment to

Please include the following six items with your proceedings submission:

  • Title of the submission.
  • Name(s) of the author(s),
  •  Affiliation(s) of the author(s),
  • Address(es) of the author(s),
  •  E-mail address(es) of the author(s), and
  •  Abstract and/or full paper.
  • Please e-mail as an attachment or post disc submissions to:

National Conference on Education (IER2016) or

Institute of Education & Research University of Peshawar.

 We look forward to your participation in the conference.

Organizer: Dr. Amjad Reba
Assistant. Professor. IER
University of Peshawar
03329091575/ 0919216576