Seminar on World Arabic Language Day

  • 10:00 am
  • Google Meet (Online)
Seminar on World Arabic Language Day

WALD is celebrated all around the world as a means to promote cultural understanding and encourage dialogue among people who speak different languages. Organizations and governments hold cultural events that show the history and richness of the Arabic language. Seminars and conferences highlight the current developments in Arabic literature through lectures, talks and workshops by Arabic writers and poets.

Department of Arabic , University of Peshawar promotes the education of Arabic as a medium of communication to understand  the Quran al Kareem & Hadees al Shareef .

The Department is celebrating the event with an:

  • Online International Conference
  • Arabic Language Certificate Distribution
  • Gift Distribution
  • Different Programs and Competitions

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Prof. Dr. Mussarat Jamal
Department of  Arabic
University of Peshawar