One Day National Conference on "AMAN Conference: Religion, Peace and Violence in the 21st Century Pakhtunkhwa"

  • 9:00 am
  • Online (Google Meet)

The Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar has organized a One Day National Conference on the subject theme. Although the prevalent narrative is to link religion with promoting violence, the purpose of this conference is to explore the power of religion in promoting peace and countering violent extremism as we believe that the religiously induced violence can be countered through religiously based peace activities.



Conference Date:

August 24th 2021



Online (Google Meet)


THEMES  Conference

Religion and Peace in the 21st Century Pakhtunkhwa





1.   Radicalism in Pakhtunkhwa

7.   Religion, Identity and Conflict in Pakhtunkhwa


2.   Post 9/11 Terrorism in Pakhtunkhwa

8.   Ethnic Violence and Inter-Ethnic Peace Efforts in Pakhtunkhwa


3.   Historical Violent and Peace Movements in Pakhtunkhwa

9.   Welfare-Peace Nexus


4.   Sufism, Peace and Violence in Pakhtunkhwa

10.          Violent Conflict Research Methodologies


5.   Sectarian Violence and Peace in Pakhtunkhwa

11.          Future of Religion in Pakhtunkhwa


6.   Contribution of Social Work in Peace and Violence






Chairman, Department of Social Work

University of Peshawar &