4th Environmental Science Conference on "Water & Food Security in a Changing Environment"

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  • 9:00 am
  • Bara Gali Summer Campus, University of Peshawar
4th Environmental Science Conference on

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Important Notice:

The conference “Water and Food security in a changing environment” is rescheduled 8-10th August, 2016. The summer school for students of Environmental Sciences is scheduled on 10-12 August, 2016. Due to limited space availability at Bara Gali summer campus participants are advised not to bring their families, accommodation is on shared basis.

The participants must pay registration fee by 20 July, 2016. After which registration will close.

Registration fee is 2000PKR. Payment method is following

  • Cash Payment and
  • Easy Paisa

Name: Ejaz ud Din
Contact Number: 0345-9185346
NIC # 17301-7848528-7 

Department of Environmental Sciences University of Peshawar is proud to keep up its tradition by  organizing 4th  consecutive International Environmental Sciences conference titled, WATER AND FOOD SECURITY IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT 2016 in collaboration with International Rescue Committee. We are looking forward to welcome the delegates in Bara Gali. During this 3 day conference. we expect to hear about the advances and new trends in the field of environmental Science and Management with specific focus on local  water and food security issues. Water is a natural resource unique to the planet Earth. It is the lifeblood of ecosystems, on which depends the food security and nutrition of present and future generations. With a growing global population expected to reach 9.1 billion in 2050 and the increasing impacts of climate change, sustainable use of water and ecosystems for food security is a great challenge. Pakistan is confronting serious problem of water scarcity coupled with water contamination which is rendering an adverse impact on food security. Rapid population growth, climate change, reductions in the ice and snow areas of the Himalayas, urbanization, industrial growth and bad management of water resources have caused water resource degradation.

This conference will hence provide a platform for the discussion of recent research advances in the  field of integrated water resource management in the context of rapid climate change to ensure the food security situation in the country is enhanced. In addition to this, a huge variety of topics mentioned below will also be discussed.   

Topics Included

  1. Efficient fresh and waste water management
  2. Sustainable natural resources management
  3. Agriculture management and food security
  4. Municipal and industrial waste handling technologies
  5. Climate change and its impacts
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment
  7. Environmental Economics, carbon credits and carbon footprints
  8. Environmental applications of GIS and remote sensing
  9. Causes and remedies for environmental pollution
  10. Emerging environmental laws and policies and their impacts
  11. Environmental health and safety

Conference Aim

The conference Water and Food Security in a Changing Environment is aimed at:

  1. Providing a platform to the Universities and Research and development Institutions to display and present their research related to environmental issues in general and water and food security issues in particular.
  2. Bridging knowledge gaps between research and academia
  3. Sharing information, knowledge, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of projects, from successful initiatives to best practices.
  4. Providing opportunities for inter- departmental research collaboration to promote sustainable management of natural resources to eliminate hunger and poverty.
  5. Discussing methodological approaches and projects which aim to integrate effective water management and ensuring food security.
  6. Providing a forum for networking among the participants so that they can explore possibilities for cooperation and collaboration both in research and academia.

A further aim of this event will be to document and disseminate the latest research. The papers read and work presented in the conference will be published in the University of Peshawar’s Environmental Science and Technology journal (after peer review).

Participants Profile

Delegates attending the conference are expected from a wide range of areas such as:

i. Faculty members and research staff of universities

ii. Under graduate, post graduate and research students

iii. Project officers and consultants

iv. Environmental officials from governments, industries and NGOs.

Important Deadlines

Abstract Submission                                              May  25, 2016        

Intimation on abstract/presentation decision          June 5, 2016

Submission of full paper/poster presentation         June 15, 2016

Registration   (Registration is now open)                June 30, 2016

Participants arrival/ Registration                          August 5, 2016

Registration Fee

Early Bird Reg. (Until 30th June 2016)                 PKR 1000

Late Reg. (Until 5th August 2016)                          PKR 2000     

Terms and Conditions of Participations

  • Registration is now open and is possible by 30th June  the latest. Due to the limited space and time for poster displays and oral presentations respectively, the participants are advised to register as early as possible. Registered participants will then receive updated information regarding the payment of dues and the event.
  • For further information regarding travel, accommodation or  any other query, please contact the conference coordinators Dr.  Saeeda  Yousaf and Dr. Maryam Mushtaq.
  • The organizing committee will decide that which papers and posters will be presented at the conference and the decision will be final.
  • Any changes in the venue, date or time of conference will be notified by the organizing committee and the decision of committee chairperson will be final in such circumstances.

Conference Convenor

Dr. Bushra Khan , Chairperson
Department of Environmental Sciences, UOP, KP

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Bushra Khan                 E-mail: bushraasu@yahoo.com
  •  Prof. Dr. Hizbullah Khan  E-mail:  hizkhan@hotmail.com
  • Dr. Saeeda Yousaf.            E-mail:  saeedayousaf@hotmail.com
  • Dr. Maryam Mushtaq         E-mail: mm22g08@gmail.com
  • Dr. Asif Khan Khattak        E-mail:  asifkhan@upesh.edu.pk
  • Ms. Shahla Nazneen        E-mail: shahlanaznin@upesh.edu.pk

Conference Coordinator

  • Dr.  Saeeda  Yousaf        E- mail:  saeedayousaf@hotmail.com
  • Dr. Maryam Mushtaq       E-mail: mm22g08@gmail.com

In Collaboration with

International Rescue Committee
80. E old Bara Road University Town Peshawar
Ph : +92 91 5703310