3rd International Conference Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources (SUN-R)

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3rd International Conference Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources (SUN-R)


Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources (SUN-R) is one of the major event of the NCEG in order to address the sustainability issue associated with natural resources, including minerals, oil & gas, coal, soil, water and glacier etc.). We are pleased to announce that the 3rd conference of the series is scheduled in 2023. This international event will provide an opportunity to the geoscientists to exchange and share their research and innovative work among the scholars.
A wide-ranging and interdisciplinary approach is required to address the challenges related to natural resources. This international conference “SUN-R 2023” aims to bring together scientists, professionals, professional consultants and graduate students from academia, government and industry, from across the country and abroad to present their research on various aspects of natural resources and to provide recommendations/policy guidelines for industry, government and local community.


Besides the traditional conference themes (listed below), this conference also offers sponsored sessions to all the government and non-government organizations who need a better platform to showcase their research and professional activities to share with the community. In this regard, the “SUN-R 2023” will provide all conference facilities for the sponsored sessions. Each sponsored session will be of 1–3 hours duration. The sponsored session will be dedicated to the organization concerned, who will lead/chair the whole session.


The SUN-R 2023 provides an opportunity for corporate sector to showcase their products/services and connect with 100s of researchers, stakeholders and policy makers from all over the country and abroad. They can network with attendees and access to ALL educational sessions. Last date for stall booking is 20th Feb, 2023.



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