Call for Academic Papers and Artistic Contributions for Two-day conference on "Geopolitics from Below: Affect and Social Sciences in Pakistan."

  • 9:00 am
  • University of Peshawar
Call for Academic Papers and Artistic Contributions for Two-day conference on

Local movements and actors resisting violence through myriad unconventional means allow for multiple truths, knowledge, and solutions to be drawn from how they capture violence. These informal places and sites, below macro-scale political frameworks, require investigation to enhance a nuanced understanding of the spatial, social, and far-reaching impacts of and resistance to violence (Fluri, 2009). How is knowledge produced, articulated, circulated and made (or not) impactful across academic and non-academic spheres? In addition, the heart of our project is the question of what practical, theoretical, and policy lessons can be learned from disparate modes of knowledge production in the everyday lives of local communities. We are interested in themes including Memory, Place & Healing, Eco-Heritage for Healing, Poetics of Peacebuilding, Music and its role during the war, and transitioning to peace and violence through developmental projects. Local meanings of and feelings related to violence and peace.

We invite scholarly contributions on these themes, specifically in the context of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We leave the meaning of conflict, violence, and peace open to interpretation. Conflict may arise, and violence may result from war, development interventions, power relations or the structures of domination. While engaging with the themes above, we ask scholars to specify which theme and form of art they are engaging with. We invite both theoretical and empirical contributions. Your research contributions can be either in English, Urdu, or Pashto.

Artistic Contributions

In addition to the call for papers, we invite artistic contributions engaging with specific themes below. Regarding artistic production, please submit your expression of interest before March 20, 2024.


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