International Conference “21st Century Challenges: Equity, Access and Inclusion in Higher Education”

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  • 8:00AM to 8:00 PM
  • Baragali Campus.University of Peshawar
International Conference “21st Century Challenges: Equity, Access and Inclusion in Higher Education”

This conference  will provide a platform to researchers to showcase their studies in front of a community of local and global research students, world-renowned researchers and academia. The themes include Challenges to SDGs, Transforming Education in Pakistan, Education in Pakistan: lessons from Global Practices, Gender Based Violence, Women Empowerment, Equity, access ,quality and Inclusion, Environmental Education, Urbanization and infrastructure,21 century skills and Curriculum, Global Human Resources development, Pedagogic innovation, Innovating education with technology, Role of IFA, School Violence and Disruptive behavior ,Religious education and effects of war against terrorism on education,Higer Education Dilemma in KP.

Educationists, academicians, practitioners, teachers, policy makers, scholars, think tanks,  researchers, and civil society from Pakistan and abroad  are expected  to put forward their ideas, philosophies and findings at the  International Conference .

            Along with International conference, we also plan to organize a conversation with a young generation about the unprecedented array of challenges and threats facing by education system and the future of Higher Education in Pakistan. This conference  will be helpful for the participants in a number of ways; it will provide a chance to interact with experts from specific field, it will help students in getting guidance and solutions related to common problems which will boost their confidence, Performance & productivity. We will provide the authors & participants with socializing and recreation opportunity.

This conference shall be  useful for development as a researcher. Students can take this opportunity to meet other researchers, learn about novel research, and share information. It is most important to enjoy the conference and the company of others who have a great passion for research.

Conference presentation  shall gives opportunities to listen and incorporate intellectual commentaries. It refines the research trajectory of the presenter, to listen to other presenters and initiate collaboration. Conference shall provide opportunities for teachers to learn new instructional and trauma-informed practices, engage in meaningful classroom conversations, collaborate with fellow educators, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and research in their field.This Conference offers a variety of benefits, each of which has its own unique characteristics. The conference shall play a crucial role in fostering women's success in a variety of fields, including industry knowledge, leadership skills, entrepreneurial guidance, and personal well-being.