Fulbright/GRE Orientation at University of Peshawar

Venue:     Agha Khan Auditorium, University of Peshawar

Date:        24.10.2016

Time:       11:00 am


The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) is a binational commission involved in managing the Fulbright Scholarship Program in Pakistan along with EdUSA advising services and Prometric testing services. We are already involved with various public sector universities in Pakistan through our Test Prep. Initiative

I am listing below various phases of our Test Prep Initiative which we run at Public Sector Universities to help students prepare for GRE which as you know is a requirement to apply for Fulbright Masters and PhD scholarships as well as for admission to U.S Universities’ graduate study programs.

Phase 1:  

Informational Seminar on Fulbright Scholarships, Study in the U.S. and orientation for GRE and TOEFL (for general student body and faculty)

Phase 2: 

Free GRE preparatory workshop at your campus for a select group ( 30-50) of serious students committed to prepare for GRE. This workshop is 3 hours long and involves training on GRE Math and English.

Phase 3: 

After a preparation period of one month, free GRE mock test at our test center for participants of workshops

Phase 4: 

Top few students who get a combined score (Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning) of 300 or above are awarded free GRE test vouchers which fully cover the actual GRE (about Rs. 25,000.).

  In this regard we request to hold an informational seminar at University of Peshawar on Oct 24th at 11:00 am.    Awaiting your confirmation.

The seminar will cover the following topics:



Introduction to USEFP


Five Steps to higher education in U.S.A.


Fulbright Scholarship programs


GRE / TOEFL Orientation


Duration of the seminar will be an hour and a half followed by Q & A.

The audience includes students who are graduating in Bachelors or Masters Degree program and the junior faculty.

Regards                United States Educational Foundation