Revised Fee Structure of College of Home Economics and Jinnah College for Women for the Session 2017-18

It is notified for the information of all concerned that following fee (including both University Dues and College Fund) will be charged for admission to various programmes at the Jinnah College for Women and College of Home Economics for the Academic Session 2017-18:

S.No Class / Programme Rates of Fee w.e.f. 1/7/2017
( In Rs. )
1 Jinnah College for Women
i F.A (Part-I & II) 35900 Per Annum
ii F.Sc (Part-I & II) 41900 Per Annum
iii F.Sc (Part-I & II) (Self-Support) 77200 Per Annum
iv B.A (Part-I & II) 40100 Per Annum
v B.Sc (Part-I & II) 45900 Per Annum
2 College of Home Economics
i FA/F.Sc (Part-I & II) (Self-Support) 77200 Per Annum
ii B.Sc Home Economics (Part-I) 32450 Per Annum
iii B.Sc Home Economics
(Part-II, III & IV)
32450 Per Annum
iv BS Home Economics 30250 Per Semester
v M.Sc Home Economics Part-I 48400 Per Annum
vi M.Sc Home Economics Part-II 48400 Per Annum


In light of the decision made by the Syndicate in its meeting 3rd and 17th January, 2015, all dues shall be submitted in the University Admission Account as per detail below.


Name of Bank Morning Dues Account No. Self-Support Dues Account No.
Faisal Bank Ltd. 0250 145 0000403 0250 145 0000405
United Bank Ltd. 1486-225407646 1486-225662351