"KHAAWREY Ka LAALOONA" meaning pearls of the land arrives on scene

Peshawar: Prof. Dr. Yaseen Iqbal Pashto book "KHAAWREY Ka LAALOONA” literally meaning pearls of the land focus on education, economy and natural resources of Pukhtunkhwa have been published. The book is available in Pashto Academy book shop.

The book gives an introduction to the concepts of science and engineering for students of social sciences in simple language, our national attitudes & their consequences, the geography & population of the land. The main aim of this book is to educate the society about the strengths of the region and causes of failure or poor performance of most of the state institutions (obviously including education) and the possible ways to address these.

The last chapter of the book addresses the problems of our institutions and their role in nation-building. 

Prof. Dr. Yaseen Iqbal is a renowned scientist in the field of Materials Science and Applied Physics. He is currently ranked by Council of Science and Technology as a second best productive scientist all over the country. He did his Ph.D from Sheffield University in engineering materials. He has several books in Pashto prose and poetry to his credit.