UoP and SCCI signs "MoU" to foster academia and industries linkages

Peshawar: University of Peshawar and Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & industry mutually agreed on Wednesday to extend cooperation to foster industry-cum-academic linkages while maintaining regular liaison and visits.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar   and Senior Vice President Sarhad Cahmber of Commerce & Industry Eng. Saad Khan Zahid signed the memorandum of understanding on tuesday that will be  applicable for two years.

Eng. Saad Khan Zahid stressed the need for joint efforts to promote industrial linkages and to enhance mutual collaborations. He called upon academia to identify projects in the industries and commerce first and then the chamber will initiate internship process for universities students. Eng.Saad evinced great interest at the university of Peshawar pharmacys’ department state of art research and productivity and vowed to work for mutual beneficial initiatives between pharmaceutical industries and researchers of the university.

Director Career Development Centre, University of Peshawar Khursheed Marwat while speaking on the occasion said that both institution will hold conferences, workshops, seminars, research projects  along with annual career fair event with Sarhad Chamber Of Commerce under the arrangement.

Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar, Prof. Dr.  Muhammad Asif Khan appreciated the new understanding and asked director CDC to arrange prompt visits of Sarhad chamber of commerce incumbents to pharmacy, Centre of biotechnology and other research laboratories .He cited tailored ‘Swiss model ‘arrangement for students in the final year of terminal degrees to spent 75 percent of their practical work at industries and 25 percent in the academia to foster industrial growth and academic excellence.

Meanwhile, discussion also pinpointed the prospects of the University of Peshawar memberships on different set of committees at the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry organizational level , to which both parties agreed to set in motion the formal and informal requirements.