Under Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coursera for Campus program (4220) Courses are available at no cost to University of Peshawar Faculty and Students.

In Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campus Coursera program, University of Peshawar has achieved 4200 Courses for  university faculty and students.

Under This program they will offers courses in different discipline  from the Coursera catalog which are given below:

  1. Arts and Humanities (336 Courses)
  2. Business (963 Courses)
  3. Computer Science (627 Courses)
  4. Data Science (364)
  5. Information Technology (69 Courses)
  6. Maths and Logic (141 Courses)
  7. Personal Development (141 Courses)
  8. Physical Sciences and Engineering (375)
  9. Social Sciences (588)
  10. Language Learning (137 Courses)
  11. Health (316 Courses)


 University of Peshawar Campus Coursera Program details and guidelines :

  • Access to 3,800 courses and 400 Specializations.
  • Up to 10,000 licenses for enrolled students at impacted organization
  • University of Peshawar  may enroll students in courses through July 31,2020.
  • Students will complete courses through September 30, 2020.
  • Month to month extensions are available dependent on need
  • Enterprise -level admin tolls , analytics, and online support resources will be available.
  • For getting online digital resources  kindly send email   on cits@uop.edu.pk or irfan@uop.edu.pk 
  • How to Join University of Peshawar campus program, Setting up a coursera account,  enrolling in a Course,  starting a course, Discussion forum etc.

  (Please download  attached learner guide).