Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program: List of Selected Candidates

Dear Students, Congratulation on considering you for award of Scholarship.

This is to inform you that the lists of selected candidates for the Ehasas Undergraduate Scholarship are given below. All the students in the given lists will receive an email from HEC for opening of bank account for transfer of fund in your respective account. If any student do not receive the email and his/her name is available in the selected list are required to send the following information to (from their personal email address as soon as possible.

  1. Attach Scan copy of back side of your CNIC.
  2. Full Name of University
  3. Full Name   as per CNIC
  4. CNIC No (without dashes/13 digit) For example 1234567890123
  5. Date of CNIC Issuance For Example 01-jan-2001
  6. CNIC Expiry Date For example 01-jan-2020


This information is required to National Bank of Pakistan for opening and validation of NBP Bank Account on immediate basis for his/her CNIC verification. Once your account is opened, then you will be able to activate your NBP account after visiting respective NBP branch. On activation of account, your scholarship fund will be transferred by HEC, Islamabad to your given account number accordingly

Important Note: 

Students who do not have valid CNIC are also required to inform at about unavailability of CNIC.  (it may also be noted that CNIC of brother/sister/Mother/Father/uncles etc. ) Will not be acceptable. Please note that DO NOT send email on again and again. you shall sent it only once. Please ignore "Delivery Failure" Notice from Gmail.



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“All selected students of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship are directed to send by post/courier  the deed of agreement printed on Rs. 50 stamp paper and complete in all respects to Director Admissions, office on or before 23-06-2020”. By hand submission in department or Directorate of Admissions is not acceptable.

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