Provost Office

Code of Conduct

Applicability and Commencement 

They shall apply to all students on the roll of all constituent undergraduate graduate and postgraduate institution-- an institution means teaching, research and a training departments, Institutes, Academics Centers Colleges and those which may exist with different names or be included at any later stage--of the University of Peshawar and shall come into force with an immediate effect. 

Students Code of Conduct 

Every student shall observe the following Codes of Conduct:-- 

  1. Faithfulness in his/her religious duties and respect for convictions of others in matters of religion, conscience and custom.
  2. Loyalty to Pakistan and refraining from doing anything which might lower its honor and prestige in any way.
  3. Truthfulness and honesty in dealing with other people.
  4. Respect for the elders and politeness to all: especially to women, children old people, the weak, disabled and the helpless.
  5. Respect for his/her teachers, non-teaching staff and others in authority in the institute.
  6. Cleanliness of mind, speech, habits, body and environment.
  7. Helpfulness to fellow beings.
  8. Devotion to studies, sports, curricular and co-curricular activities prescribed and/or organized or carried out under the banner or the institute/University.
  9. Observance of thrift and protection of personal and public property.
  10. Dedication to the protection and promotion of environment and ecosystem.
  11. Upholding the sanctity of the institute and compliance to its rules and regulation.