Higher Studies

Fee and Expenses

Note: The same fee will be charged from the students admitted in the session till the completion of their respective academic programmes:

Name of Programme Fee(Rs.) Mode
Ph.D./ M.Phil./ MS - All Disciplines (1st Semester) 54800 Semester
Ph.D./ M.Phil./ MS - All Disciplines (2nd Semster & Onwards) 53800 Semester


Common for All Programmes:

S.No. Particular Amount (Rs.) Mode
1. Retaining Fee (In case of Semester Freezing) 1600 Semester
2. Fee per Course (repeat cases) 4840 Course


Fee for Field Trip:

S.No. Duration Amount (Rs.) Mode
1. 1 - 3 days 1500 Per Field Trip
2. More than 3 days 5000 Per Field Trip

Security (Caution Money):

Security C(Caution Money) will be deposited with the respective department at the time of initial admission as per detail given below:

S.No. Programme Amount (Rs.) Remarks
1. Ph.D. / M.Phil. / MS 20000 Refundable
2. MA/ M.Sc 5000 Refundable
3. BS 5000 Refundable

Hostel Fee:

S.No. Particulars Amount (Rs.) Remarks
1. Admission Fee -- 1st Year* /
Annual Charges -- 2nd Year onwards
8000 Annual
2. Electric Charges 8000 Annual
3. Room Rent 10000 Annual
4. Generator + Maintenance Charges 6000 Annual
  Total 32000  


Note: Admission Fee is Non-Refundable in case room is allotted. In case of cancellation of hostel admission after allotment of room, the remaining fee will be refunded as per approved University Policy.


Fee Structure for Foreign Students:

Programme Fee Mode
MS/ M.Phil. Arts US$ 1403 Semester
MS/ M.Phil. Science US$ 1637 Semester
Ph.D. Arts US$ 1403 Semester
Ph.D. Science US$ 1637 Semester