How to Apply

  1. Admission to Master’s degree program is open to candidates who have passed the qualifying examination of  the University of Peshawar or any other recognized  University, securing at least 45% marks in the aggregate  and the subject in which he / she is seeking admission.
  2. Applicant(s) who have completed one Master as a regular student will not be admitted to a second Master in any of  the Postgraduate Departments/Constituent Colleges.
  3. Candidates who have passed their Bachelor exam in the current and preceding session will be given 1st priority in  admission, while the others will be given second priority.

a: Pre-admission application form complete in all respects  must reach the office of the Director Admissions with in the  prescribed schedule.

b: The candidates selected on merit will be issued an  admission form by the concerned to be filled-in by the  applicant.

c: A candidate may apply for admission in more than one  discipline on a single form; however, admission will be  offered in order of preference, and in case as applicant is  selected for admission in a higher preference, he/ she will be dropped from successive preference even if he/ she has higher marks than the selected candidates of the  respective preference.

d. Form(s) are invariably received from all candidates which  are subsequently scrutinized to sort out eligible candidates.  It should be noted that receipt of form does not mean that a candidate is eligible for admission also.

e. In case of false information provided by the applicant(s),  they will forfeit the right of admission. Further, if the  documents attached were found fake, they will cease have  the right of admission for being guilty of gross misconduct.