Department of Arabic

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The Department of Arabic was established in 1952. It started PhD program in the early seventies. The Department is profoundly proud of having an enlightened faculty and a rich library containing books, reference materials and manuscripts of rarity and a computer lab for Research Students.


Achieving the highest academic quality in the field of Arabic Language & Literature, and boosting the department’s relations with interdisciplinary studies.


  1. To graduate qualified and competent cadres who have the ability to integrate and co-operate with all sectors and creative abilities.
  2. To provide the most recent technological resources for the students to help them in developing their thinking and creative abilities.


  • Qualifying and training specialized educational cadres in the field of teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.
  • To make students able to understand the real message of the Holy Quran through Arabic Language.
  • Preparing the specialist cadres in the field of Arabic Language & Literature.


A part from regular M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D programs, the Department is engaged in extensive and intensive field oriented research throughout the province. This research has added new chapters to our cultural history. One of the greatest achievements of the Department has been the construction of a beautiful museum, which houses a huge collection of antiquities excavated by the staff and students since its inception. The Department publishes a research bulletin, Ancient Pakistan that includes research articles and excavation reports.