Department of History

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History is a study of the human past in its entirely, individual, society and state, the rise and fall of the dynasties and civilizations, the shaping of culture and the making of social fabrics, learning lessons from the mistake of the past people and seeking inspiration from their achievements and successes to reform our present and to secure an even better future. In the words of a scholar "History is to nations what memory is to individuals" without knowledge of history. We have no entity, no inspiration, no aim, no present and no future. A nation without advancement in the field of science and technology stands in the last row of the community.


The mission of the department is to use the knowledge of history. Through impartial analysis of the past and present as corrective force as those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat the same mistakes. A historian is a doctor of the nation and we want to produce true and knowledgeable doctors of the nations.


  • The department aims at imparting education which would enable the graduates in providing the necessary date for better planning can be done. Therefore the Department historical record. No sound planning can be done. Therefore the Department envisages to  educate the students in not only collection of material about the past but also in recording the present social political and economic developments for but also in recording the present social, political and economic developments for the sake of forte guidance and planning.
  • To encourage an impartial and objective reading and writing of history so that our present and future generation may now about the merits and demerits of the deeds of their predecessors and move forward to shape up a better future to themselves.