Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

MS/ M.Phil. Scholars:

Muhammad Shahid, (Supervised by:Mr. Naeem Gul)

Scholar Name: Muhammad Shahid
Thesis Title: Problems and Prospectus of English Press in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Program: MS/ M.Phil.
Session: 2011-2012
Admission Date: 15-12-2011
Completion Date: 20-03-2018
Declaration Date: 20-02-2017
Supervisor: Mr. Naeem Gul, Assistant Professor
1st Evaluator: Dr. Syed Abdus Siraj, Professor, Bahria University,, Pakistan
2nd Evaluator: Dr. Noshina Saleem, Assistant Professor, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
3rd Evaluator: Mr. Khalid Khan, Assistant Professor, University of Swat,
1st Examiner: Dr. Abdus Siraj, Professor, Bahria University, Islamabad,