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The Department of Pharmacy was established in 1982. Department offers five year Pharm-D, M.Phil, M.Phil leading to Ph.D and Ph.D Programmes. Pharmacy is concerned with the art and sciences of preparing medicines from natural and synthetic sources, suitable and convenient for use in the treatment and prevention of diseases. It is the knowledge of identification, selection, isolation, combination, analysis, standardization, pharmacological actions, and safe uses of drugs and medicines. The Department is producing legally qualified and professionally competent pharmacists who offer their services as Drug Inspector, Hospital Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist, Academician, Quality Control Analyst, Drug Controller, Production Pharmacists, Quality Enhancement Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Scientist and marketer. Their services are essential in all health care services delivery and health related services organizations.


Pharmacy department aims at becoming a leading centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences at global level which:

  • Prepares Pharmacy graduates not only for the present but also for the future, even innovating for the future and guiding the course of the profession.
  • Produces not only members of health care team, but valuable members of the society.
  • Excels higher learning and quality research in drug sciences.
  • Contributing to the improvement and upgrading of the qualities of human life and civilization.


Towards actualizing the Department’s vision, we intend to undertake following endeavors:

  • Changing the status of the department to the faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Reforming the contemporary curriculum of pharmacy and integrating it with future needs of profession at part with the advanced countries.
  • Initiating extensive clinical pharmacy practice for Pharm-D students at various hospitals.
  • Initiating pharmacy residency program at post Pharm-D level as practiced in advance countries.
  • Strengthening our research activities at M.Phil and Ph.D level in all disciplines of Pharmacy.
  • Producing better quality professionals, intellectuals and scholars in the field of Pharmacy to serve as agents of comprehensive and balanced progress as well as sustainable development specifically in Pakistan and the whole world in general.
  • Develop world renown drug research institute.


  • To help increase the number of pharmacists required in Pakistan and also among Muslim nations.
  • To train graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in all aspects of drugs, beginning with their origin, chemistry, pharmacology, production and their usage.