Department of Philosophy

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In view of the importance of Philosophy as a foundational subject, the University administration felt the need to introduce Philosophy at the University of Peshawar. So in 1962, the subject was introduced initially for Honours Degree in Philosophy. In 1963, however, the department was elevated from Honours to Masters level, and ever since the department has been running Post-Graduate courses in Philosophy. In fact, the Department was able to produce its first batch of Twenty-two graduates in 1965.

In the year 2000, the Department moved further and developed M.Phil and Ph.D. courses.


The department of philosophy since its inception in 1962 has remained committed to introducing and constantly developing the subject further, to generations of students with a vision that it will not only help students endeavor to find answers to the most fundamental questions of life such as: Who am I? What is the nature of reality? What place do humans occupy in this universe? How do I know what I know? What is truth? What principles can guide human conduct and where do values come from? But also, to help them see what bearings such fundamental questions can have on our everyday life, and how answering them can help one’s personal growth by broadening the horizon of thinking, as well as make a very positive contribution to the society too.


To create a seat of learning and research in different areas of philosophy, western as well as Islamic. The department therefore is committed to create an atmosphere for a truly innovative learning and the development of a critical and reflective attitude in the students towards any issue, whether metaphysical, moral, cultural, socio-political or even scientific.


  • A part from the already present M.A program, we intend to start a Four Years Bachelors degree program very soon, for which the courses have already been approved.
  • To introduce new courses in addition to those already being taught, for which some have already been approved.
  • Beside the M.A program, research degree programs of M.Phil. and Ph.D. are already underway, and several research scholars are enrolled. Attempts are being made to facilitate them in every possible manner in order to help them finish their research work in timely manner.
  •  To facilitate the faculty members, especially those already doing research, to further polish and upgrade their expertise and knowledge of their areas of interest.
  • We also intend to have a series of Seminars and symposia in the department on regular basis in order to keep pace with an ever growing research in the field of philosophy.
  • In the near future we have plans to launch a philosophical society, a journal and an alumni association. For these the spadework is already being done.