Department of Physics

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The Department of Physics was established in 1955. The Department is housed in an impressive two story building in the south wing of the science block. So far more than 2000 students have been graduated from this department.

with Master and M.Phil degrees, who are working in different organizations all over the country and in the world. The Department offers specialization programs in Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics and Electronics. The Department arranges lectures, Seminars and study tours for students to inform them of contemporary developments in Physics and related subjects. Recently the Department was started Ph.D programme in Physics. The seminar library is fully air-conditioned, well furnished and has more than 7,000 books in Physics and related fields.
The Department has computer facilities and is linked with the international community through Internet.The Department houses the Centralized Resource Laboratory (CRL), having state of the Art and modern equipment in the field of science, which provides research facilities to the science Departments of the University, the sister Universities and other public and private sector organizations. The equipment includes:

Centralized Resource Labortary


Material Resource Labortary


The Department is also the central place for the Internet Center, which provides Internet connectivity to various Departments, Colleges and administrative Offices of the University.



The Physics wing of the Institute of Physics and Electronics is presently a hub of research activities within the faculty of Numerical and Physical Sciences. The institute was founded in 1955 by the world-renowned scientist, Professor A. Majid Mian, originally named as the Department of Physics, University of Peshawar. The founding chairman remained a teacher of Professor Salam, the only Nobel laureate of Pakistan.

The Institute of Physics and electronics is home to the Centralised Resource Laboratories (CRL) and the Material Research Laboratories (MRL). The CRL provides research facilities to all departments and institutes of the University of Peshawar, as well as to industries and research institutes throughout the province. The Centralized resource Laboratories houses a number of characterization facilities such as: Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX; X-Ray Diffraction; Universal Testing Machine; Atomic Absorption Spectrometer; Metallurgical microscope; Thermal systems (DTA, TGA, DMA, OSC); Surface area analyzer; and Transmission electron microscope with EDX.  

The Material Research Laboratories (MRL) unit is composed of mainly the synthetic facilities. It has various tools, such as horizontal and attrition milling, pressing, firing, polishing, ultrasonic drilling, dimpling and spin coating, in the processing lab. Particle size analysis, microwave dielectric properties measurements, glass dilatometery, hardness testing and density measurements can be carried out in the properties section of the laboratory. The MRL can be visited online, and the user form is available at: . Similarly, as a result of a joint venture between the University of Peshawar and Boise State University, USA, we are sharing our facilities and research supervision with our collaborators. We encourage our research scholars to enhance their academic and research skills via visits to a number of institutions known globally in the relevant fields.  The Institute is very actively involved in the theoretical side of the field of plasma physics. Many MPhil and PhD students are involved in research and are in queue to graduate.

The Physics wing of the Institute of Physics and electronics has produced more than 2000 Physics Majors, as well as a number of MPhil and PhD graduates. Most of them are working in different organizations all over the country and in the world. The Department arranges lectures, seminars, and study tours for students, to inform them of contemporary developments in Physics and related subjects. For immediate help to the faculty and students, a seminar library is open throughout the day. It is fully air-conditioned, well-furnished, and has more than 7,000 books in physics and related fields.

We offer BS four-year degree courses with a major in physics, as well as MPhil, and PhD programs. The two-year MSc program is also currently active for students with two-year bachelor degrees. However, we want to stop this program as soon as possible, due to lack of faculty and space problems. Admission to all the programs in our department is highly competitive, and only high-calibre students are accepted on the basis of merit. Due to our emphasis on quality teaching and research, our graduates enjoy special respect through out the country.  For admission to all our programs, please contact the Directorate of Admissions, University of Peshawar.