Department of Physics

Academic Programs:

M.Sc. in Physics

About the Course:

M.Sc is a two year program having annual system of examination. The admission to M.Sc is advertised after the declaration of B.Sc result in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa every year.

Mission Statement of Program (MSc)

Being the parent department in the region (KP), the mission of M.Sc. program is to lead the province in the subject of Physics and related fields. The curricula are constantly updated via introducing new and novel courses to keep the syllabi at par with the national and international standards. The department has been offering M.Sc. program for the last more than 50 years and has been producing high quality graduates for teaching, and local R&D organizations. The program also set the basis and train graduates for further Higher Education programs like MPhil and Ph.D.


  1. To prepare the basic level students for research
  2. To become the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry
  3. To enhance the ranking of the department at national and global level
  4. To train youth global leadership in human development, excellence in education
Duration of Programme: Two Years
Syllabus/Course Outline: [Download]

M.Phil. in Physics

About the Course:

MPhil is a two years program having semester system of examination. The admission to MPhil is annouced twice a year by the university. 

Mission Statement of the programe (MPhil)

The main objective of our MPhil program is to enhance the level of understanding of the enrolled scholars in the subject of Physics and their desired area of specialty. Like our PhD program , MPhil scholars are also introduced to advance courses and various research areas including; Material Science, Plasma, and Environmental Physics in order  to  equip them for carriers in teaching, research and relevant industry. This program trains graduates to acquire excellence in teaching and research in theoretical as well as experimental physics.  The objective of the program is to provide trained man power to support the local industry and R&D organizations.

Duration of Programme: 2 Years (4 semesters)
Syllabus/Course Outline: [Download]

Ph.D. in Physics

About the Course:

PhD is a three years program having semester system of examination. The admission to PhD are announced bi-annually by the university.

Mission of the Program (PhD)

The mission of our PhD program is to train our youth in the subject of pure and applied physics to cope with the current technological, educational and economic challenges. The faculty work hard to keep the standard of the department at par with the national and international institutions. In the long run, we are looking forward towards a strong academia-industry linkage for the economic development of the region and country.

The doctoral program at Physics begins with the compulsory and optional courses consistent with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and University of Peshawar regulations for higher degrees. In addition to teaching in the major subjects, optional courses are offered to equip the enrolled scholars with the knowledge and skills to pursue research projects in a number of fields. The Department of Physics has reasonable faculty and laboratory facilities to carry out research in several fields ranging from Material Science, Plasma Physics, and Solid State Physics to Medical and Environmental Physics. The main objective is to prepare the graduating scholars to address the challenges faced by humanity in general and our society in particular. Currently, researchers are involved in projects related to processing and characterization of materials for Electrocaloric, photovoltaic, thermo-luminescence, microwave dielectric and multi-layer capacitor applications. A number of researchers are pursuing pilot projects related to mineral characterization and up-gradation, comparison of materials prepared from locally upgraded and commercially available raw materials to assess the potential of local mineral resources for highly technical applications.


  1. To train our youth according to the market demands.
  2. To cope with the current technological challenges.
  3. To optimize the utilization of the available resources.
  4. To provide higher education institutions with well qualified teachers.
  5. To enhance the understanding of the subjects of pure and applied physics.
Duration of Programme: 3 Years (6 semesters)
Syllabus/Course Outline: [Download]