Department of Psychology

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The Department of Psychology came into existence in 1964. Professor Dr. Shahabuddin Muhammad Mughni laid down its foundation as its first Professor and Chairman. The Department moved into the present building in 1973, started PhD programme, and expanded in terms of faculty members, Seminar Library, Laboratory Equipment, and Psychological Tests etc. Under Dr. Jahanzeb's leadership in 2009 a nearby block was occupied by the Department to shift its clinical programme to it. In 2010 Professor Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan won a development project for the department from the HEC and a new academic block was constructed to accommodate Assessment and Counselling Clinic and BS students. The block was inaugurated in April 2016. Dr. Erum remained PD of the project.


Altering Minds, Changing attitudes


To achieve the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning, research, and professional expertise for our students and faculty and to provide expert professional services to both the on-campus students’ community and the common people in the larger community.


To provide academically sound courses that promote knowledge of psychological concepts, issues, methods, theories, applications, services, and critical thinking. To commit to excellent teaching, nationally and internationally recognized research, and providing outstanding professional services to ensure the mental health, positive growth and safety, and security of our people.

Labs/ Clinics

Besides the Experimental Laboratory (established in 1973) a Computer Section was established by Professor Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan in 1998. Presently, the Department has a fully equipped Library, Laboratory for experimentation, and two Computer Laboratories. In 2010 Assessment and Counseling Clinic was also established by Professor Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan. A Psychology Clinic was established in his tenure too (2010). The Psychology Clinic provides psychotherapeutic services to students, faculty and the general population. In 2012 a Speech Therapy Unit was established by Professor Dr. Erum Irshad.

Another mile-stone was Establishment of the “Competence and Trauma Center for Journalists (CTCJ”). This project was a joint venture of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Department of Psychology, and was sponsored by the Deutsche Welle (DW) Academy, Germany. It provided assistance and psychological help to journalists and media personnel in 2015.

A Centre for Metaphysics and Parapsychalogy has been recently established by Professor Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan.

The Department is all set to become Institute of Psychological Sciences

The Department is open to any national and international collaboration.