Department of Social Anthropology

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The Department of Anthropology was started in 1983. Professor Karm Ilahi was the founding Chairman of the department. Orientation of the department is social anthropology which is one of the major subfields of anthropology. Since, its inception the department has produced thousands of graduates serving in different fields particularly in development organizations. The department offers only M.A courses to which candidates are admitted after completion of their B.A. Method of teaching is lecture beside that students are given assignments on various topics related with the nature of taught courses. Research is a one of the essential part for which students conduct filed work in their approved sites of research applying anthropological research methods to complete their thesis.


  • Expansion of the building.
  • Provision of the related facilities according to the number of students.
  • Development of library.
  • Development of computer lab.
  • Institutionalizing research journal.
  • Collaboration of the department with other universities for establishing exchange programme.
  • Staff development to enhancing their research capability by offering them M.Phil./Ph.D. Program.
  • Organizing short courses in crucial areas.


Services rendered by the Department to the community. These technical services are provided to government and non-government organization in the following sectors. Hospitals, Violence against women, Schools, Women organization, Village organization Population welfare, Child Labour, Human resource development, Crimes in Pakistan,  Water and sanitation, Slums problems, Street working children, Industrial units, Ethnicity, sectarianism, Tourism problems, Family welfare center, Child welfare organization. A formal committee has been constituted for engagement with society and industries for provision of services, seminar, training courses, consultancy and for other related requirements of the department.


  • To provide up to date knowledge of the social development and culture change in the society.
  • To develop insight into the problems and issues prevailing in the society.
  • To develop interest in students community about their social issues in changing trends in the global society as a whole.
  • To develop skills and attitude in prevailing issues in the society of Pakistan which is disturbing the integration of the society.
  • To develop consciousness in the students community about the internal forces and external competition affecting the society at large.
  • To develop sensitivity in students about the prevailing issues and problems facing Pakistani society and Muslim world at large in the presence of external forces inhabiting unity in the country as well as in the Muslim world.
  • To make students aware of the disturbing issues such as extremism and terrorism in the present situation which is affecting the society and putting stigma on the fair face of the Muslim world.
  • To enable students to investigate the causes and factors which had weaken the society as a whole and making its future uncertain and uncharted.