Department of Statistics

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In today’s age of information, Statistics plays pivotal role in the scheme of “general education”. No scientific as well as social research can be effectively carried out without a grasp of statistical methods. Thus it has become an integral part of our academic disciplines.

The department of statistics was established in 1976, and is committed to train students to meet the demand and developing careers in teaching and other government and public sector organizations. The department offers programmes leading to M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in statistics. It also offers a postgraduate diploma in Computing and Data Analysis.

The department is located in the new faculty building. It has got a well-equipped computer lab with state of the art computing facilities. The seminar library of the department contains a good collection of books and journals on various fields of statistics.


To provide excellence in teaching, research and consultancy connected with challenging applications of statistics, particularly in the life sciences, industrial sector and economic uplift of the country.


The Department of Statistics is committed to achieve excellence in the graduate education, research and public service. The Department contributes to the advancement of society through research, creative activity, and development of new knowledge. The Department of Statistics benefits the nation’s economy, serves the citizens through public programmes and is dedicated to the production of quality human resource for the knowledge-driven development of the country.


  • To present professional development courses
  • To develop statistical software
  • To provide technical assistance in the collection and analysis of census and other demographic and social data
  • To undertake research on population issue, such as fertility, migration and economic development to promote studies that aim at Unification of the theoretical quantitative and empirical quantitative approach to economic problem