Department of Urban and Regional Planning

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For over 23 years, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning has been active in the core missions of teaching, research, and outreach. It is the only Department in the KPK province, which teaches this imperative discipline. Since inception, we offered master degree programme, a progressive and interdisciplinary approach to the theory and practice of planning. In 2010, we proudly started our four year undergraduate programme. Being a diversified discipline, our department has a closed affiliation with multi disciplines such as engineering, architecture, environment science and social sciences to capacitate students by providing links between the array of academic disciplines and knowledge bases necessary to address key planning problems found in the real world. Over the last two decades, the Department has been offering post graduate and PhD level programmes.

 In 2014, the Department received its first Certificate of Accreditation from the Pakistan Council of Architecture and Town Planning (PCATP), a government licensing authority issuing registration for the legal practice of the planning profession.


The Department of Urban and Regional Planning envisage to create fertile environment for students in developing their ideas for the creation of Physical, economic, environmental and socially sustainable human settlements with the intention to nurture the skills of students in order to make them better professionals.


The department believes on creativity and aim to construct air quality, traffic monitoring and water quality labs in order to improve the quality of education and status of teaching and research in the field of Urban and Regional Planning. The department, through different seminars, model making workshops and other interactive modules of learning, is uplifting the vision of students towards the tangible and intangible goals of spatial development planning, making better professionals to work in a dynamic job market worldwide.

Job Fields

Students who graduate from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning can find employment in various fields such as public corporations at international national provincial levels and district level, such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Development authorities Housing and physical Planning departments, Planning consultancies, Public Policy units, local governments, NGO’s, armed forces & civil aviation authority,


  • We are engaged in close interaction with related disciplines like Architecture, Civil Engineering, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Human and Community Development, Sociology, Urban Design, Transportation Planning & Traffic Management, Disaster Management etc.
  • We foster the international exchange of planning ideas and experience through teaching, research, public service, and active roles in governmental organizations.
  • We maintain a high level of research activity focusing primarily on planning related issues.
  • We organize field surveys and study tours to familiarize students with ample examples of planning foundation in Pakistan.