Department of Urdu

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The Department was established in 1956 with only two students. With the passage of time, the number of students has grown considerably. In addition to master’s degree, which is a two year course, the Department also offers MPhil & PhD programmes. The students have their own literary club ‘Majlise Adab’ to share their literary and creative work with faculty and fellow students. The Department publishes a research journal ‘Khayaban’. The Department has the services and contributions of eminent scholars, poets and writers to its credit. The seminar library, rich in content, is being computerized. The Department caters to the needs of national media, education and social sectors in many ways. So far the department produced 12 Ph.D. & 22 M.Phil. Scholars. The research work of 10 Scholars in Ph.D. & 15 Scholars in M.Phil is under progress.


The vision of the department of Urdu Language and Literature is to enable the students not only to keep pace with the Copernican changes taking place in the field of knowledge but also to become contributors to it.


The mission of department of Urdu is to instill in the students a spirit of critical inquiry, capability to look beyond their parochial surroundings and analytical vision to place and define themselves in the wider social, cultural, political and ideological environment. The department is striving to sensitize, aestheticize and humanize the students enabling them to become leaders of change. As the study of literature is no longer leisure and pleasure activity, the students are encouraged to use their critical potential to study literature in its true intellectual milieu.


  • To impart not only knowledge but also wisdom through literature.
  • To create thinking among the students, not for the sake of criticism but for pursuit of truth.
  • To impart morality: Most of the people do good but they do not know principles on which they act. The learning of morality will make us understand the principle of morality.
  • To provide services for the understanding of National Language.


  • During new Academic year Department of Urdu intends to start following new courses:
    • Hindi Course
    • Teaching of Urdu Course
    • Coaching classes for M.A Private Students of the Adjacent Areas within Jurisdiction of Peshawar University for Distance Learning Programs.
  • Training Programme of Male and Female teachers with the collaboration of HEC (Two week course).
  • Designing of a website for Urdu department.
  • The graduates of this department have been serving in the field of literature, Ahmed Faraz etc.